Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving!

This is crazy!
Time is flying by so quickly!
I can't beileve that thanksgiving is this thursday!!!
Anyways lol I'm watching a new episode of house with my brother.
I'm spending the night at my sisters tomorrow night!!!
I'm excited!!! Lol :D I love staying with my sister.
I had my puppet show yesterday! It was awesome! We had a few mistakes but it wasn't that bad. I had cookies and cream ice cream earlier! It was yummy!
Lol this is a very random blog.
I think I'm going to end it now so I can pay attention to house.
So Goodbye fore now!
In & Out,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Blog!!!

Yay! My first blog!
Anyways, I'm watching bones. Lol Well when I'm I not watching bones?!
New bones is coming on in like five! Can't wait!
I get to see Cana's play tomorrow! I'm excited!
And then saturday is the trunk or treat for my church.
I still have no cosutume!!!! BLAH!
It's from 4-6 so maybe i could do the mime thing but it really won't go with the theme so I'm going to have to get some kind of outfit for our theme!
Got new couches today!
And getting new carpet soon!
My moms being so strick about the couches though lol
But that's really not a surprise.
Is going to mad if this baseball game takes the place of bones!!!!!! I really won't be happy if it does!!!!!
Is trying to come up with a plot for my story for the nanowrimo.
I have a idea but not sure.
Ahhhhh Stupid baseball game!!!! This is the second time this week it's taken the place of my shows!!! Ugh! Blah!
So upset!!!!!
At least I get to watch reruns on TNT.
Well i'm going to end this blog here.
In & Out,